What’s direct marketing?

Welcome – thanks for coming to find out more about PoC Direct Marketing.  One of your first questions might be “what do you mean by direct marketing?”.

Well, to put it simply, it’s any form of marketing that goes directly from the company or organisation to the customer or prospect. Nowadays that encompasses all social media marketing as well as its more traditional meaning of direct mail and leaflets.

I began my career working in direct marketing agencies which in those days purely meant direct mail. You know the thing; charity mailings with a pen included, car mailings, even post from your bank trying to flog you other products. To be truthful, we did all of those but it worked and was cost-effective. But then the cost of postage started to increase, Tim Berners Lee invented the internet, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to keep in touch with his friends and @jack began sharing his thoughts in 140 characters.

So a 2018 version of a direct marketing agency embraces all aspects of marketing including digital. It offers exactly what you would expect – email marketing, social media marketing and print marketing.

The landscape changed a little bit earlier this year with the introduction of new data regulations – the dreaded GDPR. In some cases, businesses have been left with no customer data or if they’re lucky, a residual database of people who opted in to keep hearing from them.

There’s some evidence to suggest that this will swing the pendulum slightly in favour of a return to print marketing including direct mail; at least until those depleted databases are built back up again.

That’s where we come in. We can help you get to grips with the aftermath of GDPR by planning email marketing campaigns to your GDPR opt-ins as well as looking at how your database can be increased again. We can also create impactful & effective print marketing campaigns. We can review your social media marketing and suggest ways to make it better – then we can either train you to run it yourself or run it for you. We have many years’ experience and have worked with a wide range of clients so we’re sure to be able to help you.

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