Marketing Strategy Retreats

We’re now offering Marketing Strategy Retreats so you can make sure your marketing strategy is still delivering what you want it to. Retreats are a great way of getting away from the day-to-day and clearing brain space to really focus on the task in hand. They also allow a team to reconnect, share ideas & develop shared solutions.

During the retreat, we’ll work with you to:

  • Examine your product & brand propositions – are they working hard enough to help your customers connect with you
  • Really understand your target audience and what makes them tick
  • Discover what is the most important thing you need to be saying to get people interested in your products or services
  • Plan for the future

The retreat will be broken down into sessions which will be a mix of facilitated workshops, coaching, mentoring, discussions & team working. They’ll be fun, relaxed and creative so the ideas really flow.

Each retreat can be as short at half a day or if you really want to dig deep, up to two days. All types of businesses and all sizes of teams will benefit from a strategy retreat and we’ll come to you wherever you’re based in Cornwall or Devon. We’re also offering retreats in Bristol & London.

Each retreat programme will be planned based on the individual needs of the organisation so get in touch to discuss your requirements soon.


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